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Nov 27, 2013 3:00am PST
morning. >> good morning. >> steve rapner with is us. by goodness, i thought you were cooking. >> i'm going right to the stove. >> or do have you legions of people cooking for you? >> down, mika. >> any of you boys cooking? >> i'm making a dish. >> i might toast an english muffin, by specialty. >> i might make a bowl of cereal. >> come on, guys. what about you? >> my friend's husband john campbell is going to put my turkey in a thing in the yard. >> a deep fryer. >> i don't think i want that. but they've talked me into it. i had to buy a special size and i'm fearing someone is going to get hurt. >> he's trolling mika. >> is that very bad for you? >> it macs the turkey come alive. >> in peanut oil. >> why don't you eat some fourteench fries in. >> i have been talked into it. i have to bring the turkey over at 1:00. he's going to take care of it and give it back to me. >> it will taste good. >> it will? ion if my parents will like that. that's what's happening. none of are you cooking. are any of you shopping on friday? i don't understand this black friday thing. all right. i would su
Nov 1, 2013 3:00am PDT
you are saying. >> and it wasn't steve rattner, we talked about this. it wasn't just this one ad. they went to ohio for a year and said mitt romney was a disgusting, filthy capitalist pig. it was on bain capital. they were clear. they told john heilemann, we have to destroy mitt romney. they went to ohio and they destroyed him as human being saying he was a horrible, filthy capitalist and yesterday, barack obama is going to massachusetts saying he's a role model. which is it? >> the other thing they did during the campaign is said mitt romney was responsible, attacking the health plan he put in place and accused him of being a hypocrite about that. i think the fact is, the massachusetts plan is a plan that worked. it is a model for our plan. we can talk about it later today. so, the president is latching himself on to that plan. i guess you are not happy he's doing that. >> no, he can. either mitt romney is a horrible human being or a role model for america, which is it? >> the health plan is a role model. >> there's really no answer. >> what is more embarrassing to you, how it r
Nov 14, 2013 3:00am PST
economic analyst steve rattner. white house correspondent for the associated press julia pace. and al hunt, met your producer last night at politico. nice guy. we started the day in politics and proez prose, you had a sold out packed house. >> they not sam stein was going to be there. >> and there were a lot of republicans there. you're drawing a republican crowd. >> this is politics and prose. usually when i tell people, use my marxist joke, they all laugh. last night, they stood up and applauded. so you're reaching out to a new republican party. >> it was amazing. there was even a republican who voted for obama who stood up proudly and said that. >> that doesn't happen so much. used to say how many republicans, how many democrats. like in 2009, shield say and how many republicans who voted for obama. and there would be like ten people applauding, be really proud of themselves for being transformative and having the courage to cross party lines and make a difference. that doesn't happen so much anymore. there was one last night, though. >> that's my neighborhood and one your year when my
Nov 7, 2013 3:00am PST
. >> let's see how this company trades. steve rattner and a whole bunch of chat on it on "morning joe," which starts right now. ♪ >>> it would be speculating about somebody who wasn't doing their job well. speculating about me means i'm continuing to do my job well. if i'm doing my job well it's good for people here. i don't see it as a burden. you got to have a huge ego to say oh, please it's a burden for you speculating on me to be the leader of the free world. that's a pretty huge ego to be complaining about that. it's complimentary and i'm flattered. >> good morning. it's thursday, november 7th. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set -- >> you introduce and i ask. >> no, no. >> i'll ask that question. >> no. >> you can take all the time you want. >> no. >> i'm going jump straight to it. chris christie, we love him. he's wallowing in this. you did this. i love that zoom in. like that 1972 candidate. >> chris christie represents all the hopes and dreams. >> just answer the question now. just shut up now. come on. >> political talk, just stop it. answer the question. answer the q
Nov 20, 2013 3:00am PST
the politics of this steve comes with numbers. he comes with hard data. he's got the charts. looking first at who is going to pay more under the affordable care act. >> just because there is so much to talk about this to show what is what and who will be affected. let's look first as willie said, who will pay more, who will not pay more. this chart breaks down all americans into five gruchoups. these 80% are people who either get their health insurance from their employers, as probably most of us here do or they're on medicare or medicaid. for them, for the most part, life goes on. have you the 15% uninsured. they will be affected in a positive way by affordable care. we'll come to them later him then you come down to this roughly 5%. everything we have been talking about in terms of people getting their policies cancelled or whatever fall into this 5% budge. we're talking roughly 16 million people half of them will, should be able to get a similar plan without paying more for it. another quarter of that total will get subsidies. their incomes are low enough to qualify for some of the obam
Nov 5, 2013 3:00am PST
how tough. >> i know. >> we have news to get to, joe. >> i said mannix yesterday. it's more steve lord. >> how do you describe the angle of pi head? >> contorted and your hair is parted down the middle. >> looks like a young raymond burr. >> he does. >> today is election day. we have important elections here. >> decision day in two states. voters selecting their next governor. both races could set the tone for the 2014 midterms and the 2016 presidential race. we'll start in virginia where the latest quinnipiac poll shows terry mcauliffe ahead of ken cuccinelli by six points. last month it was 12. cuccinelli said he's optimistic about pulling off the upset. senator marco rubio helped him deliver a final pitch putting the focus squarely on banl. >> i know tomorrow night the people of virginia will send a clear message to our country and the democratic party. >> absolutely. >> yeah! >> we don't want obama care. >> nope. >> we don't want more big government. >> no! >> i'm scared to death of what obama care is doing to virgin n virginians. terry mcauliffe is scared of what it's doing to hi
Nov 12, 2013 3:00am PST
excuse to have gummies. >> we had some votes for flint stones. steve, i have grandparents who are 77 and 90 and never took vitamins. should i start now? you want to see our news block i'll push it out on facebook and twitter right after the show. "morning joe" starts right now. >>> chris christie appeared on all four sunday shows to talk about how much he didn't want to talk about the presidential race. >> governor, how interested are you in running for president in 2016? >> well, chris, what i'm interested in doing is be the governor of new jersey. what i'm focused on is doing my job in new jersey. time governor of new jersey. for me i'm the governor of new jersey and my job is to run the state of new jersey. >> yes he's just the governor of new jersey. that's why he went on meet the jerry, fox news jersey sun, face the turnpike and this new jersey new jersey new jerseyopolis. >> good morning, everyone, it's tuesday, november 12th. whoa, that would be pub day. he and mecham right there start things off at columbia last night. how did that go? >> they are still clapping. >> they are
Nov 26, 2013 3:00am PST
strategist and msnbc political analyst steve schmidt. editor of the daily least, tina brown and historian john meacham is here. >> a new research poll has troubling signs for president obama as more persons are showing decreasing confidence in his ability to lead. on a number of issues the president is under water. 53% say the president is not honest and trustworthy. that's a 24-point swing from may. 60% say he can't manage the government effectively. on being strong and subsidize, only 46% say president obama has those characteristics. 56% say he doesn't inspire confidence. all right. 60% still believe he has a vision for the country's future, and 71% say the president is likeable. >> tina, though, minus 24 on honest and trustworthy. >> that's pretty brutal. >> that's brutal. how does the president push immigration reform other other issues. >> it is ironic on the diplomatic front we're seeing this great momentum and i want may will be legacy wise that's thing he's remembered for and that this awful botched, you know, health care roll out will be something that's transient. what we're se
Nov 19, 2013 3:00am PST
forever and he took congressman steve king fromway and others to task for saying things about immigration reform and other issues that are insulting to voters. he's willing to say he's conservative but take on his own party. >> nicole, if indeed you think jeb bush as jim just said is more willing to run today than he was two months ago why do you think that is? >> well, you know, i was jeb's press secretary during his first term and the notion he could not be conservative enough to me speaks only to how much the party has changed. it reminds me of miller and joe lieberman talking about how they didn't change but the democratic party changed in the late '90s and after 2000. so, i think this is possibly jeb look at how much the party has changed and really harkening back to a time when the republican party was the party of ideas, party of intellectual curiosity and was a party of government works. that's how he governed in the state of florida. he got credit and criticism for being an intellectual force for putting conservative ideas to work and changing education and steam rolling the econ
Nov 29, 2013 4:00am PST
. every race in the world and we are all the same. unbelievable. >> steve jobs was right. we are crazy. this country is like you said from all these different -- in a great way. is there a moment that stands out above other moments where looking back you said man, now that is cool. i made it. >> i was participating a large painting and happened to do it on the ed sullivan show. back then it was the biggest show in the world and i was on them and i painted something. then i was on again and again. i was on the ed sullivan show like seven or six times and he had like a one-hour special. luckily i came out in the age of med media. it was like 100 years ago. >> the book is the university of peter max. thank you. for the painting, i can't believe it. >> what a great honor. >> i will have to make another one for each one of you. >> we'll be right back with more "morning joe." >> wow. you know how to cut to the core of me, baxter. you are so wise. like a miniature buddha covered in hair. come again? you know i don't speak spanish. in english, please. huh? you pooped in the refrigerator and yo
Nov 15, 2013 3:00am PST
wrote a book about steve jobs. one question i asked him and a question everyone of us have to answer bob dillon or the beatles. he gives a two page answer in the book i wrote which is complicated but comes down on dillon's side. how would you answer it? >> given american politics is so much more for the world than british politics i have to agree with you. that was the point about dillon. he enters the public conscience in american, the march on washington. he's made it britain. he had a number one hit album in britain but nobody in america until june '63. >> guys you're looking at the music around '63 anticipate going into '64. then look at the tumult in america several years later. what was the relationship between crowds turning out in huge numbers for whether it was dillon or for the beatles and then crowds that turned out later on. is there some kind of link between those two? >> i think the only link is that youth suddenly mattered. as i said earlier you go from being an unknown boy band in london or liverpool in early '63 to suddenly the president of the united states wants your a
Nov 18, 2013 3:00am PST
of the threat before it struck. >> all the sudden the wind really started picking up. >> reporter: steve bucher from washington, illinois, was eating lunch when a tornado hit his street. >> within less than a minute, everything started collapsing inside the house. cracking. the next thing we know, it's light inside the house. those are our two vehicles sitting across in the field over there. one of which was inside of our garage at the time. >> it was in your garage. now it's 100 yards away? >> you see it on your tv programs, and you can't believe it. and you sit right in the middle of it. you still can't believe it. >> all right. coming up next, a royal visit from one of the world's richest men. we're going to be back on "morning joe." dad! dad! katy perry is coming to town. can we get tickets, pleeeeease??? tickets? hmm, sure. how many? well, there's hannah, maddie, jen, sara m., sara b., sa -- whoa, whoa. hold on. (under his breath) here it comes... we can't forget about your older sister! thank you, thank you, thank you! seriously? what? i get 2x the thankyou points on each ticket. can i co
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)